Why Will God Not Show Me A Sign?

I have often wondered through the wilderness of doubt. As a teenager, I constantly battled with the hiddenness of God–to the point to where I considered myself an agnostic. Even as an adult Christian, I have gone through periods of questioning whether or not God cares at all about my circumstances. In the past, I have thought—and even said—things like, “God, if you hear me, please do X right now.” Typically X looked like something miraculous; usually something small and innocent—but just enough to comfort me and to let me know that God is there. After all, isn’t God our father? Do fathers not want their children to know that they are there for them? There more I’ve reflected on this issue of the hiddenness of God, the more I’ve noticed a few things.

  • What God wants me to do is to trust him—he does not necessarily want me to be comfortable. This is very hard to swallow, because I love comfort. But in serious difficulties, as hard as it is for me to sit back and trust him, this is what he wants from me. I know this in my head better than I know this in my heart; and in my opinion, this is a large part of what makes the Christian life difficult. Nevertheless, how I feel about it is ultimately beside the point. Learning to trust God is of paramount importance.
  • God has revealed the reasons for trusting him in his word. The Bible is not running on a short supply of people who have struggled to trust God. One serious benefit of having the Bible is that you have a collection of books filled with true stories of people who have trusted God, as well as those who have not. You also get the results. So the point is that the Bible is partially meant to give you reasons to trust God. It does not provide a phantom picture of God and say, “Well, trust him because he’s God and you don’t seem to have any other options.” Quite the contrary. It says, “Trust God, because: look at his character. Look at what he has done, and doing, and going to do.”
  • A sign is not enough to ensure my indefinite trust in God. Most likely sooner than later the doubts will reappear. The lack of trust will resurface, and another sign will be needed to secure my belief. I don’t need another sign—what I really need is a reminder. And God has supplied reminders all throughout his word.

Let me encourage you and I both, that in moments of despair, when we are wondering where God is, what we need is not another sign, but a reminder. The reminders are in God’s word—reminders that claim that “he himself has said, ‘I will never desert you, nor will I forsake you…’” (Heb. 13:5)

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2 thoughts on “Why Will God Not Show Me A Sign?

  1. This is so good and timely. I was struggling with a lot of these same concepts just the other day. Question do you recommend/prefer to study certain books in the bible over others? I’ve studied the bible for years but lately it hasn’t meant as much to me as it has in other times in my life.

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  2. Maya,

    This is a tough question because certain passages have hit home at different times in my life. Recently I read 1 Cor. 15 and it hit me in a way that it has never hit me before. I’ve always admired the passage, but this time it refreshed my spirit. Likewise, I’ve read the Sermon on the Mount dozens of times. But recently I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety, and that passage was like medicine to my heart. Sometimes you’ll have read a passage ten times, and you won’t think anything of it until one day when, for whatever reason, you see it for the gem that it really is. But I don’t know if I can recommend one book over another, but one thing that really helps me is being involved in a local church. I’m in graduate school studying theology and philosophy, and I spend a lot of time reading on my own. But reading the Bible in community is special, and it helps me to appreciate books and passages of the Bible that I may have overlooked before. Of course, the best way to fall in love with the Bible is to simply continue reading it, even when it seems dry. Don’t spend all your time in the New Testament, but also read the Old, because you can’t really understand the New without the Old. There are great theologians and pastors that have devoted their lives to understanding and explaining the Scriptures. Don’t neglect them either! Carefully read their books and listen to their sermons. Think critically through what they are saying, but also approach their message with a hunger to grow closer to God. They can also help you recapture a love for the Bible.

    I hope this helps.

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